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The KDT 750 IPL

Laser Hair Removal Service

To Total Rejuvenation with Hairless Ageless Beauty and Bliss of Deep Relaxation

Give yourself a New Beauty Makeover with Painless Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation with futuristic technology of the KDT 750 IPL at Ascension Beauty Lounge, your trusted partner for Timeless Beauty. A product of advanced research and development, the KDT 750 is a wonder machine that offers painless, comfortable hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation. With zero downtime, it helps to remove hair from all areas for any skin type. It works wonderfully and safely for Skin Rejuvenation addressing all kinds of Skin issues such as Pigmentation, large pores, sun spots, blemishes, acne, freckles, red vascular veins, wrinkles, melasma and many others. Working with amazing speed it can also help in lifting the skin and collagen regeneration giving you younger, smoother flawless skin in few treatments. Using IPL technology that acts on the underlying skin, it simply means that you don’t have to rest or take a day off to recover post treatment session.

With trained professionals of Ascension, you can be rest assured of best treatment with Total Safety and Peace of Mind.

Laser Hair Removal

Enjoy Wow looks with smooth silky hair less skin

Everyone desires smooth hair free skin because unwanted Hair are such a spoilsport. Be it any occasion, unwanted hair can ruin your gorgeous looks. And even if you are a handsome man, looking macho is no longer about messy hair. However, most hair removal solutions such as waxing or shaving are painful and so much hassle. And besides, these are temporary and within no time you are back to square one.

Here is a simple solution to solve all your unwanted hair problems at Ascension Beauty Lounge. Offering IPL Hair Removal, a permanent long term way to get rid of unwanted hair woes; it ensures freedom from stubborn ingrown hair even at those difficult to reach places. Targeting the hair follicles to get rid of hair directly from the roots, this technique is totally Stress Free and Mess Free that does not cause any redness, itching or scars.

Experience the best of IPL Hair Removal with zero downtime and pain free treatment at safe and hygienic environment of Ascension Beauty Lounge. Offering hairless smooth skin using advanced KDT 750 IPL device, Ascension brings decades of experience and expert staff trained by the leader of IPL Hair Removal, Kaloya Dermatech. Customizing your treatment as per skin type and hair growth, we ensure to match your schedule and convenience for sessions. Enjoy a memorable experience at Ascension while your skin gets a new hair free Makeover!

IPL Skin Rejuvenation (Photo Facial)

Reclaim Gorgeous Looks with youthful Skin

Hectic Lifestyle, harsh weather, pollutants and exposure to the sun can be a nightmare for your skin sucking its natural moisture while causing skin issues such as dark spots, pigmentation, discoloration, dullness and roughness. Besides, aging too takes its toll and may cause wrinkles, fine lines etc. Broken capillaries, rosacea are many other skin problems that you might have to deal with. But now, it is possible to do away with all these skin issues in minimum downtime and affordable price.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation is a safe, trusted, non-invasive treatment that can make your complexion clearer and radiant since it can work on a wide spectrum of skin issues. It can be used safely on the full face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Long lasting results with zero pain and no side effects make it highly effective for all kinds of skin tones and types.

Offering reliable treatment along with follow up care, Ascension Beauty Lounge brings you IPL Skin Rejuvenation tailored to meet your specific requirements. The expert staff is professionally trained by Kaloya Dermatech, the front runners of IPL technology, to bring you the best in Skin care. Reducing the visible signs of aging, acne scars, blemishes and other skin issues, it improves skin tone and texture, beginning your journey to healthy beautiful younger skin.

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